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Part Mystic Series

A search for meaning has been a lifelong quest for me. I am on my own unique path to enlightenment, having a deeply felt connectivity to the universe. The Part Mystic Series is all about my journey.

This search started early in my life led to my studies of great religions of the world and a college minor in philosophy. A myriad of personal development and personal transformation activities, seminars, workshops, and lectures followed. Most of my professional career was an extension of that quest. The path will have no end, but it is the process that counts, not the end results.

My Part Mystic Series of paintings is part of that process. So much of my quest is simply non-discursive, Abstract painting allows me an avenue for that expression. My subjects and themes are about feelings and thoughts that have had a profound impact on my very being. Paint has become a concrete tool for connecting my heart, my mind, and my hand.

The ancient poet Rumi has captured my attention over the years. Three of the paintings in this series are based on beautiful lines derived from his poetry.  Tender Like The Evening Star, The Wound Is Where The Light Enters, and The Longingness of the Stringless Harp are all Rumi-inspired works.

Lullabyes have always provided a soft peace and calm throughout the world. Twilight Lullabye is all about that.

Spirit Dove was inspired by the American Indians and The Trim Tab Factor by Buckminster Fuller. Ascension and The Light Seekers are about our personal quests for higher meaning and transformation. That’s what the Part Mystic series is all about

Part Mystic Series

Abstract Paintings About Nature
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