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Patricia Green

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"My approach to painting could be compared to the stream of consciousness we find in literature.

I start with a subject I have dwelled upon in-depth and start applying the paint without a pre-conceived notion of where I am going. 

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There is an exhilarating freedom that comes about often causing me to become lost in time and space. The content simply evolves spontaneously and intuitively.


One brush stroke beckons the next. And, I like my paintings to look painterly since that’s my chosen medium. Otherwise, I might have chosen photography as my medium.

Unchartered territory has always captured my imagination and the blank canvas has become my unchartered territory.

There are no rules, no directions, and no constraints…creating something from nothing with no reference points to bind.

Themes flow out of my abiding love for nature, philosophy, spirituality, music, and literature. Sometimes subjects flow that are so non-discursive and private that they demand a new language for expression. Paint has become my language.


In my paintings, you will find great range in what inspires me whether it’s a cowboy kicking up dust or the great cosmos.

One of my most important works, for example, is “The Light Beam Rider” series.


It is my tribute to the space cowboys…people like Einstein who were and are explorers of the world and have dedicated their lives in trying to understand the universe. When Einstein was a young boy he visualized himself riding alongside a light beam.


His most important thinking was done through visual imaging. He believed that imagination was more important than knowledge.


He thought many had knowledge, but few had the imagination along with knowledge to do great things.

When you experience my paintings, I would like for you to come away with me on my journey. Ride my light beam."


- Patricia Green

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