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The Grand Canyon Series

After seeing the Grand Canyon in person, I certainly knew any painting I did would not do it justice. I had, instead, decided to simply record my feelings and my personal experience in paint on canvas, as a journal.

I was utterly speechless and mesmerized by what I saw. It was as if I had entered a mystical land of enchantment.

  • “Angel Fire” is simply a phrase I used to describe my overall reaction to the magnificent canyon itself.

  • “Condor Watch” is what my friend Catherine and I did while standing on the rim. We watched this country’s largest bird, the Condor Vulture, fly in a group close to the edge where we were standing, sometimes darting to what we imagined to be a nest or a cave below us. It was amazing. The paintings depict their flight.

  • “Night Walk on the Rim” is about the mysterious night Catherine and I took a walk to the rim. The terrain was rugged and the only light we had to guide us was the Milky Way. No moon in sight. I asked my friend to hold my hand as we walked.

  • “The History of the Colorado” is about the unrelenting swath the Colorado cut through rock over the course of 40 million years to form the Grand Canyon.

  • “Mick Jagger Arrives By Night Train” is about another amazing aspect of our time there. Mick Jagger did arrive by train in the middle of the night at the small depot by the El Tovor Hotel. He was unaccompanied.

The Grand Canyon Series

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