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A Biography of Patricia Green

Patricia Green is a full-time artist who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and exhibits primarily in that region.


Her mother was a talented porcelain painter and ignited her creative inspiration at an early age. Patricia credits her with instilling important artistic principles and recalls, “I learned about color, composition, depth of field, perspective, light and dark contrast from years of watching my mother painstakingly produce those exquisite pieces.”


She began taking art classes in high school and in her senior year received the Art Award. She later attended the Mississippi University for Women where she studied Art, Art History and Philosophy. She subsequently earned a BFA in Studio Art at the University of Tennessee.

My Africa
Animal Dreams

Patricia has had solo exhibitions at the Tennessee Art League Premier Gallery, Project A Gallery, Gallery One and Centennial Art Center Gallery, as well as several alternative space art venues.

Her art awards include First Place in Painting at the Tennessee Art League’s National Competition for “Non-Linear Ways” from her Light Beam Rider series. 

Non-Linear Ways

Another year in national competition, she received Second Place in Painting for “Night Walk on The Rim” from her Grand Canyon series from the same organization.

Among her important career highlights is having been contracted with ABC TV for its use of 11 of her paintings in the “Nashville” series. Another honor was being recruited by Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator for Saatchi Art, for an arrangement that lasted five years.

Night Walk On The Rim

Patricia began her creative journey as a classical painter and later ventured into the world of abstraction.  Using a “stream of consciousness” process, she has a distinctive approach to expressing complex and highly abstract themes on canvas. She explains, “Abstract painting is a lot like improvisational music. You can appreciate the compositional elements their own sake to enjoy it; you don’t have to understand the artist’s intent.” She hopes that viewers embrace their own innate freedom “to interpret what you see or experience and assign your own meaning to it.”

The Lotus And The Egret
The Longingness Of The Stringless Harp
The Wound Is Where the Light Enters

Renee Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY, stated, “Viewing Patricia Green’s paintings is a journey into a visceral other-worldly terrain where aspects of musicality, nature and spirituality coalesce. Her free-flowing forms are captivating and ethereal."


When writing about Patricia’s forms, “We transcend the physical limitations and enter a world of endless imagination allowing ourselves to drift through time and space.”


Linda Lee Kaye, now deceased, travel writer and international consultant, described her decades long friend, Patricia , as “daring, bold and free-spirited” and added, “her literary foundation which started early, has had a deep and lasting impact on her paintings.” 

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