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"One brush stroke beckons the next..."

"One brush stroke beckons the next..."

"One brush stroke beckons the next..."

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Paintings About Nature

“Uncharted territory has always captured my imagination. Abstract painting provides me with an avenue for venturing into the blank canvas free of constraints, directions, instructions, or rules.

Creating something from nothing and absolutely no reference points to bind, the process of painting can be exhilarating, very freeing.

I can get lost in time and space.”

Patricia Green

Abstract Paintings About Life
Paintings About Nature

Patricia Green is a prolific and versatile artist who has a confident and bold command of abstraction, most noticeably in her application of paint and unbridled expression.


Her profound understanding of the innate concepts drawn from nature, Einstein and philosophy shine through as she takes viewers into esoteric realms and on journeys of introspection and evolution.”

~ Renee Phillips


Manhattan Arts International

New York, NY

Abstract Paintings About Life
Non-Linear Ways
The Light Seekers
The History of the Colorado
Mardi Gras Time
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